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Lawn Renovation Services

Commercial and Residential Lawn Renovation Services

Dependable Ground Maintenance can also help you when the time comes for lawn renovating. We can start with a total kill of all unwanted grassy weeds, then prepare and seed with top quality certified seeds. If your lawn just needs a rejuvenation with aeration and power seeding, then our professionals can apply a starter fertilizer so we can ensure the new turf has the proper nutrients.

Core Aeration:

Core Aeration provides passages for air, water, and nutrients to reach the root zone of the grass plants. It also brings soil cores to the surface which increases microbial activity thereby reducing the thatch layer. This service is to be provided one time per season in the fall to all accessible turf areas.


Turfgrass seed is applied first, followed by a starter fertilizer to germinate grass seed. Grass seed and starter fertilizer will be applied with a commercial rotary spreader to ensure an even spreading of all turf areas. Settings on rotary spreaders shall be set to recommended settings and applied by a licensed applicator. This service is to be provided one time per season in the fall to all turf areas following core aeration.

Power Seeding:

Many times a lawn that has excess thatch also exhibits thinning. When we aerate the lawn, we can also perform our special Power Seeding application that forces seed into the ground at the right depth for optimum germination. This helps fill in those thin spots you may have noticed in your lawn, especially after a stressful summer.

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