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Fertilization Services

Commercial and Residential Fertilization Services

Fertilization of your lawn is the single most important approach to improve lawn quality and to maintain a Beautiful, healthy lawn. Healthy lawns that receive proper year-round lawn care tend to be more resistant to disease and pests all year long. If your lawn has a specific need, Dependable Ground Maintenance can address it with custom lawn care services.

Crabgrass is one of the most prevalent grassy weeds found in lawns. Crabgrass thrives in full sunlight and high temperatures and can easily out-compete common cool-season grasses under these conditions.

  • The end of spring, yet before the heat of the summer, is the best time to give the lawn a substantial feeding using a slow release fertilizer. This application provides the proper nutrients to get your lawn thru long harsh, dry summer days.
  • The fall (August or September) and late fall (October, November or December) fertilization is ideal for home lawns.

Fertilizations during these times will benefit lawns more than any other practice. Disease and weed problems are usually less severe when fall and late fall fertilization are practiced. Heat and drought tolerance are usually better, thus enhancing summer lawn quality. Finally, the grass plant produces more root mass and a deeper root system, resulting in an overall healthier plant

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